Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Big ONE!!!

Look who turned the Big ONE!!! W is full of smiles and laughter. We had so much fun playing with this little guy. He has grown way too fast. I remember taking his pictures when he was just a little toot. Now he is walking, and doing sign language. G you have done such a wonderful job with him. Hope you love these few shots :)

He loves to read.

and play the drums...

he also loves his sweet momma.... ;)

Cute family!

We were all giggling. 

Aww daddy and little munchkin.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter is almost here!!! Fun family sessions :)

I absolutely love this family! S is actually my hair dresser, so all you folks who always say my hair looks awesome.... well it's because of this chick right here! These 2 little munchkins are too funny and kept me laughing the entire ride to and from the shoot. I am always so honored when my close friends ask me to take some family photos for them. This one just happened to be for Easter!!! Hope you all enjoy :) Thanks again C & S for allowing me to capture some special moments for you.

Cutest little family

They really do love each other, and it's so adorable. 

This is the "norm" for this family. Laughing and goofing off. LOVE IT

Oh I could squeeze his cheeks. This will be an everlasting memory :)
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