Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ouch... I learned my lesson!

Ok yall.... don't laugh too hard at my foot. I had to share this picture with you. This past weekend while in the middle of one of my shoots.... I felt my entire foot being attacked by ants. I had no clue I was standing close to an ant bed... I usually don't look down before every step I take, especially during a photo session. I just keep moving and posing and pay all my attention to my clients. SO needless to say... I have learned my lesson and I will be a lot more careful from now on. Thank goodness my assistant came to the rescue and fixed me up with some benedryl.(sp?)  I will be sure to wear boots or tennis shoes from now on... sheesh. 

I forgot to add that there was about 20 million bites on my foot... and this picture doesn't quite show just how swollen my foot actually got.... it was horrible.. ouch :(

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sneak Peaks from College Station!!! enjoy them :)

So again this weekend I travled to College Station and the surrounding areas.... I was a busy bee :) I don't think I (or Skylar my awesome assistant) sat down for more than 15 minuets at a time. I loved being busy and having a jam packed weekend.... I really enjoyed every single shoot and learned something new from them all. I did my best to get sneak peaks up for everyone... I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do :) I am so worn out... getting up at 5:45 for a family session and then driving 7 1/2 hours home.... My husband just said, "go to bed babe, you're about to fall asleep on your computer.." So on that note... goodnight all!~  thanks for always looking at my blog... much appreciated xoxo

what a cute bunch huh?!! lil aggie girls :)

Daddy and his precious girls... Thanks R for all you do and serving our country... I am blessed to know you and L and very thankful for your dedication!!!

love them <3

yay.. sweet baby girl was kicking for the pictures .. hehe loved it 

aww S you are gorgeous.. you were glowing.. I LOVE this Pic !!!!  

LoVe It <3

lil baby bump

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dynamic duo... Super cute, and Super Dad!!!

It was great seeing such a great pairing of father-son time!  I was very excited to be able to capture J & K sharing time making memories can tell that these two are best buds and it's wonderful to see such a great relationship between a father and a son.  J...hats off to you! :)

Say "cheese!!"...such a little ham-bone! :)

"K, where's the baby duck?  Did it go away?"..."It's right there..." :)  Such a smart little boy! 

Practicing his "fishy face"! Loved it!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anna bana be bi bo nannna.... She was so fun Miss Anna!!

I had so much fun with miss Anna... she was open for anything, so energetic, and silly. I absolutely loved taking pictures this whole session... Thanks Anna, you Rock ;) Enjoy everyone.

Meet Anna... Beautiful

so stunning... 

LOVED all her laughs, we had so much fun 

pretty as a princess.... 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

just can't get enough of these puppies, and kidos. :)

So....I just couldn't resist sharing some more... 

sweet sisters

I think this one was "the baby" the smallest pup... precious 

they were ready to run away... 

me... what did I do? hehe

such adorable and great kids... love this picture!

Monday, July 4, 2011

blogging.... this is what I have been working on the past month.. :)

Well here are some of the lastest sessions I've had... I have been doing a lot and haven't had the time to blog as much as I'd like. Well truth is... I'm not the best at writing and making my blog post the funnest to read.. unless your name is Skylar.. most people skip to see the pictures and don't even read what I have to say.... ha
but... if you do care about what's been going on in my world... stay tuned, you are about to be enlightened... SO I can officially say that my daughter.. Madison who btw is only 22 months old... is potty trained!!!! She wears big girl panties all day and only a pull up at night. We just made her crib into a toddler bed so she is still adjusting to it. That being said.. we didn't want to work on night time until she gets used to her big girl bed. I am such a proud momma :) 
Other exciting news (in my world) MY MOM is coming to visit!!!! I can hardly wait. just 21 days to go.. not that I'm counting or anything. 
and just so you know... I have really enjoyed all my photo sessions. I have learned something new at every shoot, and met some wonderful people that I hope I get to work with again. :) I love photography and the excitement of taking pictures. I love the out come of my pictures and how peoples face's light up when they see their pictures. Makes my heart warm... I am so glad I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up... does that mean I have to grow up now...? boo 
oh well, enjoy these pics.. just a few from my lastest sessions. :) thanks for looking yall <3

Love these 2... they are getting married in 5 days.. I can hardly wait.. they are so right for each other. I am so glad God put these 2 together... he knew I would need this awesome chic to stretch me and make me a better person through Christ. Thanks N- I love you and I'm so happy for you and K!

how cute are they...? such a fun shoot... they were up for anything... thanks yall!!!

Gerber called... asked me to come work for them... I had to decline because I like taking pictures of big kids too... haha ya right, that would have been cool though.. :) isn't he precious though..? umm YES

Beauty... I loved her laugh, and her smile... thanks for letting me take your pictures... you did Awesome. 

cute little miss... she was full of giggles and smiles.. she even wanted to dance for me... I enjoyed watching her light up when I said SMILE!!!

aww one of the new favorites... cute kids, cute puppies... put them together and you have one awesome photo session... I'm falling in love with this family... they are so kind and treated me like I was family and have known me forever... I felt so welcome at their home.  Thanks again G- family :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

puppies, blue eyed cuties...and more puppies!!!

 So I had the privilege of taking some pictures of these cute kidos.. and all 7 of their puppies.. We had a lot of fun and we even got homemade pizza. They know the way to my heart... I had a hard time deciding which pictures to sneak to you but for now... I have chosen these... I will get some more up asap. I hope you love all the little cuties... both kids and pups... haha Thanks A- for the amazing pizza I LOVED shooting with your kids. They are wonderful. :)

Adorable... need I say more... They were so fun to shoot... had a blast :)
so... I think you can guess what happened.... someone tooted and they decided to blame it on the youngest... ahahah 

So meet puppy #1... he loves the water bowl.... all 6 of this brothers and sisters are asleep in a big pile in the background.... he was so funny. every chance he could get he was in that water bowl. :)

This was challenging... but it turned out so cute... all 7 pups accounted for... yay!!
So this was way too precious to leave out... this is my daughter Madison.. I had to show all of you.. I love it and she loved kissing these pups even though this picture doesn't prove that.... :)
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