Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've been a Busy Bee....

So I've been a busy person the last month... wheew... just now kind of getting caught up... ha who am I kidding... I have a ton to do. Oh and my 22 month old daughter is ready to potty train... so we get to start that tomorrow. ;) Anywho.. here's a little sneak of a super sweet family... enjoy them.. I know you will. I'll keep ya'll posted on how the potty training is going... :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beautiful little girls, they were a Hoot!!

So.... while down in College Station this weekend I was invited to a pool party and dinner! I really had a wonderful time meeting the people my best friend works with ( or will work with.. haha) We got to swim and play with the kiddos, THEN we had some amazing lasagna... it... was... wonderful!!! So of course while we were there I had to take a few snapshots of these precious girls. :) Thanks again Melissa and Steve for inviting me to come with Skylar. Be back soon!!

Meet Emily... the cutest little girl who was so sweet to invite us to her swim party... she also has the world's LARGEST collection of bows... it was amazing. Someday I hope to have one that big for Madison.. hehe lol 

they were so sweet to show me all of their "moves.." I remember doing that... forever ago

haha, this was her "strike a pose face..!!!"

smiley girl... 

So when I said "strike a pose.." this is what I got from Emily... what a cutie ;)

sweet friends... they were such the little posers... loved it 

She was being a monkey and climbing across the monkey bars while giggling so hard... it was funny
oh.. also I know the top header of my website that has a slide show is doing something weird... I am trying my hardest to find 10 mins to fix it.. ahhhh sorry again. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Long day but totally worth it...quick sneak peak!!!

So this weekend I traveled to College Station TX, and loved every minute. Got to spend some QT with my BFF Skylar... much needed for both of us... She was also my "amazing assistant"... it was so nice having the help. I had some very fun photo sessions... and these are just a sneak peak... It was so difficult to choose which pictures to post, they all came out so stinkin wonderful... I'm so amazed at God's ability to work through me! I was truly inspired this weekend by each of my sessions... I enjoyed them all and can't wait to get back down here to do it all again soon. Thanks again to my fantastic friend Skylar for setting all these sessions up and coming along to help. YOU ROCK!!! and thanks everyone for allowing me to capture some of my new favorite photos!!! <3
cutest lil family... mummy, daddy, and munchkin.. 

he was rather interested in his fist... they were so very very tasty... 

I'm not sure it gets an cuter than this... he was so happy when we sang the ABC's

beautiful eyes.... M- it was a lot of fun & you did AWESOME :)

meet M- She did wonderful, and has some beautiful eyes... can't wait till the next shoot with her ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super Fun and Adorable couple :)

I had an absolute blast spending the morning with these 2..( and my lovely assistant ha) they were so fun and energetic... I didn't have to work very hard to capture them... they were naturals. thanks for letting me spend the morning with y'all!! Enjoy... more to come later 

sweet little couple

this little coffee shop was so tiny and cute... this is the "true" G & J.. <3

need I say more... LOVE IT!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All smiles... Cute cute cute family :)

Here's some more of this cute little family... love it

Beautiful baby boy

can they get any cuter... he's such a ham!

his "new move" haha

Super cute family... thanks Ashleigh and Charlie.. and cute Cade

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lil ham bone sneak peak... Enjoy!

This little guy was way cute today and so smiley.. I really enjoyed taking these family photos... more to come!

Monday, June 13, 2011

San Antonio... family time, swimming and peaches!!

So this past week we were in San Antonio... My husband had to finish something for work and MJ and I decided to go along! We had a blast. MJ and I went swimming, she absolutely loved it ( after the 1st day..hah) Then we went down to the river walk and Alamo. It was very hot outside so of course we had to get a snow cone... my husband got red... not the best color choice. It melted before we could eat it all anyway. Then on our way home we stopped at a cute little peach orchard. My husband had to take what seemed to me like a 3 hour course on what to pick, how to pick it, and how to store your peaches after you get home... my goodness it took forever.. But I will say he is a peach expert now! I had to entertain MJ while he was taking his final..! hah ( no final but as long as the guy talked you would of thought there was going to be a test) So finally we got to pick peaches and it was so much fun. We of course had to taste test some while we were picking and so did MJ... She loved to pick any peach weither it was in the trees or on the ground and "throw" it in the box... needless to say I had to check all of them and make sure they were good! After that we had a long but enjoyable journey home.. Now back to the grind and back to photo shoots.. the excitement around here never ends. Enjoy some pictures!

Swimming with daddy...

She's still not sure about the pool

peach orchard...

daddy and MJ at The Alamo.. she was more interested in goldfish

Beautiful flowers and plants were all over the Alamo 

Daddy and MJ looking at the water at the river walk

it was only 100 that day.. wheew

This is the look I always get when I say, "MJ Smile, say cheese!!!"

again... throwing whatever looks like a peach or once was a peach into our box.. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

they're getting Married!!!!

These two are so in love... it's so cute. Like most of my post so far have been all of my friends because I love to take pictures of the people closest to me... and they have all been my guinea pigs. Thanks guys for being so open and helping me out. Very excited for these 2 to tie the knot!!! Love y'all a lot. ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Americas Next Top Model... She's watched the show enough... super fun shoot!!

Meet Skylar... one of my best friends and biggest supporters. Without her constant support and encouragement... I probably would've given up. She is such a great friend and I love having her in my life. It stinks we live far away from each other now.. but that gives me an excuse to travel and see her as well as book photo sessions. Thank you Skylar for being one of my biggest fans and closest friends. words can't describe how much I appreciate you.... I love you so much. <3 Jenn

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