Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's the small things in life . . .

This sweet little baby boy was so precious... He was only 9 days old... Love all of these pictures.
Thanks J & Z for allowing me to capture your little bundle of joy ;)

cute baby toes!!

little snoozing man... He didn't wake up for anything

sweet little munchkin

brothers and sisters hands on sweet baby Joshua


Skylar said...

OH m'goodness! I'm so in love with these pictures!!! I can't wait to have a baby so you can take his/her pictures! haha! The brother & sister hands picture is amazing! So sweet! And LOVE the feet! They have pictures like that in the baby floor of the hospitals! You should contact Scott & White when they build the new hospital here and see about gettin yours on the wall! haha :) ILY!

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