Monday, June 13, 2011

San Antonio... family time, swimming and peaches!!

So this past week we were in San Antonio... My husband had to finish something for work and MJ and I decided to go along! We had a blast. MJ and I went swimming, she absolutely loved it ( after the 1st day..hah) Then we went down to the river walk and Alamo. It was very hot outside so of course we had to get a snow cone... my husband got red... not the best color choice. It melted before we could eat it all anyway. Then on our way home we stopped at a cute little peach orchard. My husband had to take what seemed to me like a 3 hour course on what to pick, how to pick it, and how to store your peaches after you get home... my goodness it took forever.. But I will say he is a peach expert now! I had to entertain MJ while he was taking his final..! hah ( no final but as long as the guy talked you would of thought there was going to be a test) So finally we got to pick peaches and it was so much fun. We of course had to taste test some while we were picking and so did MJ... She loved to pick any peach weither it was in the trees or on the ground and "throw" it in the box... needless to say I had to check all of them and make sure they were good! After that we had a long but enjoyable journey home.. Now back to the grind and back to photo shoots.. the excitement around here never ends. Enjoy some pictures!

Swimming with daddy...

She's still not sure about the pool

peach orchard...

daddy and MJ at The Alamo.. she was more interested in goldfish

Beautiful flowers and plants were all over the Alamo 

Daddy and MJ looking at the water at the river walk

it was only 100 that day.. wheew

This is the look I always get when I say, "MJ Smile, say cheese!!!"

again... throwing whatever looks like a peach or once was a peach into our box.. 


Skylar said...

LOVE them! I especially love the one of MJ and Ramon looking at the Riverwalk! And the one of you and MJ of course! :) :)

D&A said...

These are super cute! I wish Dave was coming with me in October when I "move" back... But he will be in the desert! >.< Would LOVE for you to take our pictures sometime! Florida is a bit far though.

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