Thursday, June 9, 2011

they're getting Married!!!!

These two are so in love... it's so cute. Like most of my post so far have been all of my friends because I love to take pictures of the people closest to me... and they have all been my guinea pigs. Thanks guys for being so open and helping me out. Very excited for these 2 to tie the knot!!! Love y'all a lot. ;)


Skylar said...

Jennnn!!! LOVE the couples shoot (And he dresses/shoes! lol)! I really like the one of them looking at eachother and the black/white of them where the ring/hand is in focus! So awesome! Can't wait for Rob-Sky shoot! :) LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these pics, they look so happy together. I also like that they don't look really airbrushed cause a few of my senior pics looked really airbrushed and kind of fake. They are amazing and you are an amazing photographer keep up the great work, one of these day's I'm gonna have to get you to take my pics for me.

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