Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beautiful little girls, they were a Hoot!!

So.... while down in College Station this weekend I was invited to a pool party and dinner! I really had a wonderful time meeting the people my best friend works with ( or will work with.. haha) We got to swim and play with the kiddos, THEN we had some amazing lasagna... it... was... wonderful!!! So of course while we were there I had to take a few snapshots of these precious girls. :) Thanks again Melissa and Steve for inviting me to come with Skylar. Be back soon!!

Meet Emily... the cutest little girl who was so sweet to invite us to her swim party... she also has the world's LARGEST collection of bows... it was amazing. Someday I hope to have one that big for Madison.. hehe lol 

they were so sweet to show me all of their "moves.." I remember doing that... forever ago

haha, this was her "strike a pose face..!!!"

smiley girl... 

So when I said "strike a pose.." this is what I got from Emily... what a cutie ;)

sweet friends... they were such the little posers... loved it 

She was being a monkey and climbing across the monkey bars while giggling so hard... it was funny
oh.. also I know the top header of my website that has a slide show is doing something weird... I am trying my hardest to find 10 mins to fix it.. ahhhh sorry again. :)


Skylar said...

YAY! Such a fun evening! :) :) Love the pics! Those girls were precious!

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