Tuesday, July 5, 2011

just can't get enough of these puppies, and kidos. :)

So....I just couldn't resist sharing some more... 

sweet sisters

I think this one was "the baby" the smallest pup... precious 

they were ready to run away... 

me... what did I do? hehe

such adorable and great kids... love this picture!


Skylar said...

Ok...so stinkin cute!!
1. Love how the puppy on the left in the first pictures is like "cough cough, too tight! Must have air!" hahaha
2. I want the dog in the 2nd picture! lol
3. 4th dog from left is like "FREEEEEEDOM!" and the others are panting from trying to be free! lol The kiddos are perfect! LOVE IT!
4. Don't know how you got those puppies to sit and lay still, but it's awesome! SO cute!
5. Love that picture! Fantastic job once again! :)

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