Saturday, July 2, 2011

puppies, blue eyed cuties...and more puppies!!!

 So I had the privilege of taking some pictures of these cute kidos.. and all 7 of their puppies.. We had a lot of fun and we even got homemade pizza. They know the way to my heart... I had a hard time deciding which pictures to sneak to you but for now... I have chosen these... I will get some more up asap. I hope you love all the little cuties... both kids and pups... haha Thanks A- for the amazing pizza I LOVED shooting with your kids. They are wonderful. :)

Adorable... need I say more... They were so fun to shoot... had a blast :)
so... I think you can guess what happened.... someone tooted and they decided to blame it on the youngest... ahahah 

So meet puppy #1... he loves the water bowl.... all 6 of this brothers and sisters are asleep in a big pile in the background.... he was so funny. every chance he could get he was in that water bowl. :)

This was challenging... but it turned out so cute... all 7 pups accounted for... yay!!
So this was way too precious to leave out... this is my daughter Madison.. I had to show all of you.. I love it and she loved kissing these pups even though this picture doesn't prove that.... :)


Skylar said...

The one of the puppy in the water bowl...precious! haha Mom, Logan, and I were giving captions as to what he could have been thinking..."Moooom I did wash my hands!!", "You said we could go swimming...", "Ahhh that feels good, my dogs were killin me!" hahaha Too adorable!

And we've decided that the one of all the pups in the wagon should be a Hallmark card! haha

LOVE the one of Madi (of course) and those other kids are too cute! LOVE the ice blue eyes!

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