Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ouch... I learned my lesson!

Ok yall.... don't laugh too hard at my foot. I had to share this picture with you. This past weekend while in the middle of one of my shoots.... I felt my entire foot being attacked by ants. I had no clue I was standing close to an ant bed... I usually don't look down before every step I take, especially during a photo session. I just keep moving and posing and pay all my attention to my clients. SO needless to say... I have learned my lesson and I will be a lot more careful from now on. Thank goodness my assistant came to the rescue and fixed me up with some benedryl.(sp?)  I will be sure to wear boots or tennis shoes from now on... sheesh. 

I forgot to add that there was about 20 million bites on my foot... and this picture doesn't quite show just how swollen my foot actually got.... it was horrible.. ouch :(


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